brot kultur

Brot Kultur is a German bakery that launched its flagship store on London’s Tottenham Court Road. The German founders focus was to bring authentic German baking to the London market.

Having worked closely in partnership with Brot Kultur’s owners from conception, it was important to establish a brand identity that reflected both the integrity and quality of the bakery's produce, as well presenting their brand with a sympathetic modern aesthetic, broadening the appeal of traditional German baking to a diverse metropolitan clientele.
The name reflects the integral offering of the brand and we chose a font which felt authentic to German culture in its structure. The graphic mark and colour palette reflect the traditional nature of the products.

The branding is mirrored and continued throughout the store interior and décor, with the colours and natural materials deliberately chosen to work in harmony with the overall styling. A visual language was created for consistency through the brand with illustrations and motifs of the key produce to reinforce and cement the stores identity to its customers.

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